Large Aura Quartz, Chrysocolla, and Selenite Charging Plate Resin Pyramid


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Aura Quartz is a stone with powerful vibrations. It has the energy to replace spaces with infinite beams of optimism, satisfaction, and inspiring energy. Aura Quartz is an ideal stone to use while you are experiencing mental instability.

Chrysocolla is intuitively feminine and connects with the empathetic qualities of authentic womanhood. Some believe it is the goddess stone and can channel the energy of god like spirits of the light. For this reason you can channel past life experiences of the priestess, the sage or shaman easily.

Selenite is a clear or translucent gypsum crystal named after the Greek goddess of moon ‘Selene’ by ancient Greeks. The milky glowy crystal has a pearlescent shine which makes it look similar to the moon. Known as the ‘universal cleanser,’ selenite stone meaning is linked to angelic realms, purity, spirituality, inner peace, wisdom, and beauty.

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